Sandy Beach Resort


Reservation, cancellation, and other policies of Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort:

All reservations must be paid in full or secured with a 50% deposit. Balance is due and payable on or before arrival. Please check and confirm reservation dates. All reserved time will be charged. All cancellations must be giver in writing and will be subject to a cancellation fee of $10.

Season Dates Cancellation notice required
Ski Season Oct. 25th to May 15th 7 (seven) days notice
Spring Season May 16th to June 28th 10(ten) days notice
Summer Season June 29th to Aug.31st 30(Thirty) days notice
Fly Fishing Season Sept. 1st to Oct 29th 10 (ten) days notice

*There are no refunds for guests departing for any reason prior to scheduled departure dates unless the unit is re-rented.

If for any reason whatsoever Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort cannot or will not provide the accommodation booked by the guest, other than a case of inappropriate behavior by the guest in which case no refund shall be payable, the limit of liability and refund shall be limited to the amount the guest has paid to Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort for the accommodation or portion thereof that is not provided by Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort. Although all efforts are made to give the guest’s the unit they request, Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort reserves the right to substitute one unit for any other, and in this case is only liable for a refund of the difference in price if full payment has been made by the guest, in this situation every reasonable effort is made to give the guests a free upgrade.

Finance policy

All charges must be paid in advance or at time of purchase. CASH, DEBIT CARD, VISA, and MASTERCARD are acceptable forms of payment. Cheques will be accepted for deposits on reservations and monthly guests only. Monthly guests pay 1 month in advance. RV/Tent sites based on 1 or 2 people in 1 RV/tent site and 1 commute vehicle. Rates for Condos and cabins are based on one or two people and one commute vehicle.

Pet policy

Pets are only accepted with direct permission of the manager. Pets are usually allowed in the cabins and campsites, but never in the condominiums. Guests that violate the no pets in the condominiums rule and allow a pet/s into their condominium will be charged a $350 cleaning fee. Pets that are allowed must be kept on a leash at all times, both on the resort property and the beach. Owners are requested to not have their pets go to the bathroom on the resort property. Pets must not cause a disturbance. Pet owners must carry a plastic bag with them whenever their pet is outside a cabin, RV/Campsite, or on the beach. For sanitary reasons guests must clean up after their pets immediately.
All waste must be secured in plastic bags and put into the garbage bin at the entrance. Pets are not allowed in, or near the children’s play ground. Due to the extra costs of cleaning after pets, pets are charged $12/n or $60/week in Cabins and $5/n or $25/week in the Campground. Failure to follow any pet rule Indicates the guest has decided to leave the resort within the hour with no refund for unused accommodation.

Beach Fire Policy

Fires are restricted to the metal fire pits that have been provided (three on the beach and one at the BBQ). Firewood is available for guests at a cost of $4 per bundle or armload {$5 per bundle for non-guests}. Burning logs or other beach wood is not acceptable. Guests are free to bring wood for their beach fire with them, but please do not expect to gather beach wood for a fire.

Kayak and boat rental policy

Interior Sport Boat Club memberships are available for $10 per individual, and family memberships are $15. Membership is valid until April 30th Kayak and Powerboat operators must comply with all applicable safety and other regulations of operating Kayaks and Powerboats. Rentals are available only to members of ‘The Interior Sport Boat Club’.

Usage policy

Any person using Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort facilities, boats, beach toys, sports equipment or other, do so totally at their own risk. Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort or Interior Sport Boat Club shall not be held responsible for any physical injury, property loss, or damage howsoever caused. Parents are responsible at all times for the actions and behavior of their children, pets and visitors. Loud noise or other actions that may disturb other guest’s or staff member’s quiet and peaceful enjoyment is not acceptable. Being intoxicated outside your unit or on the beach is also not acceptable. A large garbage waste bin is provided at the driveway entrance for all guests to use. Do not block or park in vacant RV/Campsites. If your vehicle is blocking a site you will be charged for that site. Extra vehicles and visitors are to Angle Park on the road in visitor parking. All guests and visitors must first report to the office upon arrival. Every effort is made to ensure everything is in good repair so if there is something broken, damaged or not working it must be reported to the office within one hour of check-in, so it can be fixed and not attributed to the guest.

The management of Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort reserves the right to refuses or terminate accommodation to anyone who they feel has not acted or is not acting in an appropriate manner, and the manager shall be the final judge in these matters. In booking accommodation and or staying at, or using the facilities of Taylor’s Sandy Beach Resort all guests and visitors are agreeing to follow all rules and policies of the Resort and abide by all decisions of the management as final.